Navigational echo sounders
NEL-1000 & NEL-1000M

Navigational echo sounder is designed for providing safety navigation, measurements of depths under the keel of the ice-class war ships, vessels and submarines:
- NEL-1000 from 0,5 m up to 2000 m
- NEL-1000М from 0,5 m up to 6000 m

  • Power supply 220V 50/400 Hz
  • Power demand not more than 80 W
  • Transducer max emitting 1200 W
  • Echo sounders provides reliable measurement of depths at the rolling up to 10º, period of rolling up to 5 seconds, speed of the ship up to 40 knots and at the slope of the seabed up to 20°.
  • Ranges of measured depths:
  • - NEL-1000: 0-20 m, 0-40 m, 0-200 m, 0-400 m, 0-800 m, 0-2000 m
    - NEL-1000М: 0-20 m, 0-40 m, 0-200 m, 0-400 m, 0-800 m, 0-2000 m, 0-6000 m

  • display of measured depths in form of profile of the seabed with gradations of power response signal
  • storage and transmit to external devices measured depth with time and coordinates for last 24 hours
  • transmit data to external devices by interface RS-232, RS-422 and NMEA-183A
  • light and sound alarm of dangerous depth
  • ability to archive and print out the data on the PC

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